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    As a physician who has treated overweight patients for twentyone years, I learned long ago that no two people require the exact same weight management approach. And yet each year, size fits all diet GGDB Shoes books fly off the shelves faster than a World Series pitch enters the strike zone. Whether it the latest low carb or low fat craze, all readers receive the same lists of good and bad foods that are sure to melt the pounds away. You know the drill of losing weight, feeling good but then somehow slipping back to your old habits as you watch your weight climb back up.

    There are a lot of unbelievable moments in Ina and Jeffrey's life, and when you see the two of them together, laughing about the craziness of their decadeslong marriage, you get the sense that they still can't quite believe it themselves. It's wild enough to find someone you actually want to be with for 50 years. But Ina and Jeffrey's partnership has become much more than that: It's a cultural phenomenon. In the past 17 years, Ina has sold close to 10 million copies of nine different cookbooks, and every one of them has been inspired in part by her life with Jeffrey. Her tenth and latest book, Cooking for Jeffrey, is fully devoted to him. And although these two have been offering fans a glimpse of their storybook marriage for years, neither ever imagined that "You're the Jeffrey to my Ina" would end up on letterpress Valentine's Day cards.

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