Loneliness, lonely in lon

  • Loneliness, lonely in loneliness. My tears didn't flow, but my nose was sour. In fact, I have already learned to be strong, tolerate tears, but to pretend to be strong and to learn to cover up, to cover up my emotions Newport Wholesale Cigarettes, to hide everything without expression. Occasionally just laughed a very bitter smile.ve the bitterness that I can't say!andpa got esophageal cancer, now it is late, grandfather is dying, his parents are going to explore, I want to visit, but the two places are separated by 1600 miles, and the heart is like an arrow! Unfortunately, a filial piety! I have never faced death. I am afraid. Afraid of the dark night will suddenly ruthlessly take away the grandfather's life Lights Cigarette. More afraid of the hand of death, seize the grandfather's death. Already in the late stage of lung cancer, I don't know how many days there are. The distance between the two places is too far Cheap Carton Of Newport 100S. And I, because I have to go to school, I can't go back. I used to wipe my tears one by one. When others asked me what happened, I just laughed and said nothing, and I accepted everything and covered everything. Any sadness flows into the river. friend's net name, the cloud is clear, it is estimated that like his mood, it is sunny every day. I can't bear it alone, I chose to talk. I sent a crying face. "What's wrong, isn't it happy? He asked. I confided all my thoughts to my heart Cheap Smokes Online Free Shipping. At that moment, I felt more open in my heart. He just replied with a shallow smile, he said, small Sister, crying when you want to cry, but be strong, remember these smiles. are not brave, no one is brave for you, you are not strong, no one is strong for you, no expression, no tears! Am I escaping from reality? Do not! I have chosen to be strong. My heart was awe-inspiring at the moment when the smile appeared. At this point, it seems that there is a cool, full of happy winds coming to me, in the heat, let me have a little cool. corner of the mouth, involuntarily rising, revealing a brilliant smile.ave figured out, no matter how the situation develops, whether my grandfather's condition is good or not Wholesale Usa Cigarettes, I will accept it bravely, face it with a smile, and face it with strength. I am still me, showing the happiest smile.remembered that smile at that moment. At the same time, pray for my grandfather, thank you all the good people who care about my grandfather.