One day during the summer

  • One day during the summer vacation, my mother and I caught 6 mountain ants on the Wauyu Mountain and kept them in my ant workshop. When I observed the experimental products. a group of mountain ants, five of which are large ants of the same species. The cockroaches have a very camouflaged "dry leaf yellow" on the body, and there are two rows of toothed armor on the back. I call them "big guys"; the other ones belong to different kinds, the ones are relatively small, the whole body is black and bright, the head is inverted triangle, and the pair of thick tentacles are like TV antennas, and they keep swinging all day. I call it "small man." They are ten times larger than the average ant. The six legs are particularly long and powerful, and they start to walk and walk. Don't look at them growing up, the courage can be small.n as I entered the workshop, the ants immediately dispersed and panicked around, like "the ants on the hot pot - turn around Newport Coupons For Cartons." After a while, the ants calmed down a bit. The "big guys" gathered in the corner of the workshop, screaming each other in a hurry, as if they were plotting a "jailbreak", while the "little man" was far away alone, eager to find a chance to flee. After a few moments of agreement, the "big guys" were scattered around to find holes to escape. The result was found for a long time, but there was a hole, but it was too small to be drilled. Seeing the hope of going out is too embarrassing, they have to set their hearts no longer chaos, and helplessly stayed in the workshop. It is said that different kinds of ants will fight because of their different smells, but "big guys" and "small men" are safe in my workshop. saw it, I was happy to open the flower: "The ants like to eat sweets most. I have to appease and comfort these little guys." I brought some sugar from the kitchen, carefully opened the lid and placed it in the workshop, for fear of not paying attention. An ant gave it away. After the sugar was put into the workshop, I carefully observed the ants' every move: the sugar crystals slowly melted into a water stain under the water vapor of the workshop. An ant passed by inadvertently, and the keen tentacles suddenly detected the sweetness of the air. It exulted and leaned down to take a sip. It ate deliciously while swaying the tentacles and sending messages to the accomplices. Haha, it��s difficult to be with you, and you have fun! Ants can really speak loyalty. In a short while, all the ants gathered in the syrup, and they all painted one by one, and they sipped sweet sugar. Delicious makes them completely forget the pain of losing their freedom. After eating and drinking, each of them has a stomach that looks like a mini table tennis ball, and enjoys a "sun bath" on the jelly-like nutrient glue. cky guy fell into the workshop and happened to be on an ant, scaring the ants. Soon, this panic "infected" the entire ant colony, and the ants immediately slammed into each other like a group of headless flies. The gray fly also danced in the workshop, scared to be overwhelmed. After a while, the gray fly was tired and stopped on the ground, taking a breather. At this time, a running ant happened to be hitting a gray fly head against a drop of water on the wall. The wings of the gray fly were caught by the water vapor, revealing its softest abdomen. Huang Chengcheng's belly is very full, and it can be said that it is "skinny and thin", and it is also moving, causing ants to drool. A big ant can't stand the temper, first rushed forward, tentatively touched the yellow belly with the tentacles. The gray fly was scared by this accidental touch. The face of the ant was a mad kick. The ant was kicked and slammed. He did not hesitate to open the big belly and the tender belly of the gray fly was a bite. This bite is incredible, and the gray fly is on the spot. The flesh in the belly came out, and the bloody smell suddenly filled the audience. As soon as the big ant smelled the meat, he said that it was a bite, biting off the head of the gray fly Marlboro Regular Cigarettes, and then starting from the chest of the gray fly. The little ant also ran over the wind, but it didn't dare to go forward, just cleverly squatting beside the big ant, like a hound to the owner, waiting for the big ant's charity. When the big ant turned and carried the "small man" to eat the worm Buy Newport Online, the "little man" ran to it to eat. In the end, the little man got the food with amazing patience and tireless efforts, though only a little bit.n open space surrounded by crystal blocks dugsides looked up and opened the pair of mighty scorpions and demonstrated to each other. For the warriors who are all battle-hardened, such bluffing actions are not in the eye! When the two ants saw that their first move did not work Cigarette Cartons Wholesale, they immediately opened the rack and rushed to each other. They are in a group, you press me in the fighting arena, I press you, the scene is very intense. The other anlooked at the two ants that were tweaking in the fighting field. This made it clear that this amazing scene: the two sides twisted into a ball. The little ant clenched the opponent's left tentacles with a big cockroach. The big man ants are not willing to show weakness and use all their strength to bite each other's right forefoot. The two sides struggled hard to separate, until I separated them wincreased my knowledge, but also made me understand: Everything in the world, as long as you observe with your heart, dare to explore, and the most inconspicuous life, we can also find its wonderful side Cartons Of Newport Cigarettes.