In life, �� and wolf are

  • In life, �� and wolf are natural enemies, but in the story of "Red Dragonfly" Cheap Newport Cigarette, the red smoldering cloud is full of bitterness to feed the orphans of the enemy's big grey wolf - the wolverine sweetheart. In fact, the burning cloud does not need to nurture and protect the wolverine sweetheart, but it thinks of the sweetheart's attachment to relatives, and its heart will set off the mother's mother's love for the sweetheart! It hesitated, remorse, it can not overcome the opposition of the ethnic group; it is kind and over-excused, it can not ignore the attachments of the wolverines. The poisonous revenge flame has become a deep feeling of tenderness. In order to save the sweetheart, it fought with the beast, and died for a lifetime; for the heartfelt maternal love, it gave up the carefully selected partner; in order to be a sweetheart, it used life to prop up the last day of dessert!this book, I feel the true feelings and great love between animals! Although the wolf and the scorpion are natural enemies, although the scorpion and the wolf are two different races, the burning cloud continues the dream of the sweetheart mother with the motherhood with powerful power.he animal world, love does exist. Of course, in humans, not to mention maternal love.n Changshou feels devoid of these days, is catching up with the unit to do the title examination, this is a big event related to his future destiny, a little sloppy, so after the test, he went to see his sister Chang Yan to see a doctor, Chang Hao said nothing big Cheap Marlboro 100'S Cigarettes Online. Longevity and Changchun are half-brothers. After the long-lived mother died, her father gave birth to a stepmother, and later his father died. The stepmother lived with 8-year-old longevity and 4-year-old long sister Cheap Newports Online Free Shipping.w days later, Changchun suddenly called Changshou and said that her mother was ill. She needed to change her kidneys. She had to go to the hospital without stopping her life. Looking at the mother on the bed, he suddenly had a lot of thoughts, because he could not find a suitable kidney, only longevity himself. The kidneys match the stepmother. He turned around and thought, selfish thoughts poured into his heart, but in the end he finally made up his mind to change. The operation was very successful. The mother woke up in bed and smiled at the longevity. She suddenly hated her mother for a long life. That night, the mother suddenly fainted when cooking, the hospital did not rescue, the longevity and longevity crying dark, but the long-lived wife blamed longevity and sacrificed his body, did not save the mother's life.he first anniversary of her mother's death, the brothers and sisters went to the grave to make a sacrifice to the mother. Changchun suddenly asked him: "Brother, do you regret to donate the kidney to your mother? One thing I have been holding you Cheap Newport Cigarettes Online Free Shipping, my mother will not let me say before my death. But I don't want you to have any resentment and dissatisfaction with the dead mom! In fact Buy Newport Online, my mother's body has been good, my mother has not changed your kidney, but changed her kidney to you," longevity stayed, "you That time to check the body, I know that your kidney has a big problem, but I dare not tell you, go home and Mom said, Mom will not let me tell you, if the unit leader knows, it will affect you. The mother then thought of a way to say that she was sick and needed to change her kidneys and then exchanged the kidneys with you naturally. I didn't agree with the beginning of my death, but Mom said that if she didn't, she would die first, she couldn't watch. My son suffers. Brother, my mother��s death is related to you.�� Long weeping is not sounding. The head of longevity began to swell. He remembered the smile of his mother lying on the bed, and he realized it at this time. The moment that made him hateful was actually the mother��s greatest love for herself! mother! mother!her in this little story is like the fire cloud, for the mother's love, paying for the child! Maternal love is like tea, only the slow taste can appreciate the sweetness and mellowness. Maternal love is the spiritual source of inspiring strength, the emotional dew that nourishes the soul, and the textbook that shapes excellent personality. No matter when, the mother's continuous care and encouragement is our strong reliance. It is our positive and upward force. It always supports us to take every step of our life with optimism and determination.