Li An��s new work, The Fantasy

  • Li An��s new work, The Fantasy Drifting of the Boys, is a movie that is currently being shown. It has been well received by the audience Carton Of Newports Price. I also went to see this movie. The biggest feeling I gave was the spectacle of life I saw in the movie. . Let me share with you my feelings about the movie "The Fantasy Drifting of the Boys."The Fantasy Drifting of the Boys" is adapted from Yang Martel's 7 million-volume novel of the same name Newport 100 Carton. It tells the story of a 16-year-old boy named Pai, who survived a shipwreck and wandered with a Bengal tiger Cigarettes Marlboro. . A 16-year-old boy, a lifeboat, and a hungry tiger, have to wander for 227 days in the sea without a hardship, and fortunately survive, this is definitely an impossible prom. And the wonders of life are like this in the Jedi, leaving a breathtaking legend.For this strange life spectacle, Ang Lee patiently spent 30 minutes to pave the way. From his father to his birth, from his childhood to his teenager, from his father's romantic French pool to the origin of "pissing", he also worked hard from all kinds of scorns about "urination". The IQ of the ones captured those who had been ridiculed. In short, half an hour after the film, when sent to the unlucky ship with his parents, he was already a wit, a savvy, adventurous, crazy and kind. There is no life wonder in the world Cheap Online Cigarettes, and behind every spectacle of life, there is an extraordinary history of growth.e feelings of "The Fantasy Drifting of the Juvenile School", the spectacle of life in the movie, in addition to the survival game between the juvenile faction and the Bengal tiger, as well as the miracle of life when they drifted in the sea. For example, the floating sea is on the sensational cannibal island, such as the flower buds of unknown plants hiding human teeth, such as those who do not eat human fireworks, the tigers who are stupid to watch the drama, etc., keep giving We are pleasantly surprised. Sometimes, the temptations in life, the success and gains of the people around them will inevitably make you anxious. I don't want to compare with anyone, but I don't want to be on my own pace or slow pace. Because only know how to fight with time, you will not be too afraid of it Marlboro Lights Carton. result, he often creates excessive pressure on himself. As a result, the mood is frustrated, self-pity and self-pity, and the passion is instantly quenched, and even begin to doubt many of his choices and abilities. In the past few days, I was trapped in this mood for a while. Fortunately, this situation did not last long. With my own strength, I stepped out of such a dilemma step by step, and gradually came to understand some things.he way to life, if you care too much about the pace of others, you will be restricted. Being restricted by pressure, being limited by comparison, being restricted by emotions... It is not easy to see yourself. This is quite like the truth of the race. If you pay too much attention to your opponents in the process, it will be difficult to concentrate and exert the speed you deserve. You don't need to care if the players around you are on your left or right side, or even the inner lanes that are superior. Just concentrate on one direction - your own goals, and then do your best. It��s just that on the track of life, sometimes there is a reaction to ��the speed is not up��.