Autumn, for me, the most interesting

  • Autumn, for me, the most interesting activity that makes me happy is to collect corn in the country Marlboro Menthol Cigarettes.the eleventh day, I was feeding the sheep at home. Suddenly, I heard a burst of noise. I walked down the sound and saw the second hand holding the steering wheel and reversing. I tried to drive the car out of the small courtyard. And mom, dad, and the big coward and others are changing long, thick clothes. I asked my mother, "Why wear such a long dress?" Mom smiled and said to me: "It is not easy to draw a corn in the field." I quickly said: "You bring corn to the field. Come on me?�� The big coward and other family members did not agree. I shook my mother��s hand and said to her with a pleading eye: ��Mom, I want to go!�� Mom looked at me like this, and promised nothing.this time, the second opened the tractor out of the small courtyard. Our family sat up happily. My mother and I sat in the front row and held the railings. We bumped into the field in a short while. I saw a splendid field like a golden ocean. I asked my mother to take me out of the car. The golden yellow corn was placed in front of our eyes, and the particles were full, one by one like a fat doll. Grandpa is cutting the corn with sweat and sweating, and said to us with joy: "This year's corn harvest is particularly good!"started to lick the corn. I threw four corn in my hands and threw it into the car. Because the corn was too heavy, three fell to the ground and only one was thrown into the car. I was very dissatisfied and thought: "It��s so hard to throw a corn?" This time, I only threw three corns and threw them into the car. Three of them were thrown in. I was happy to dance. In this way, I throw it one by one, no matter how throwing it is thrown in, I am not discouraged. I was so tired and sweaty that it made me feel the hard-won of food and the hard work of the peasant uncle. I must cherish the food in the future! The sun went down, and all the corn was collected through the efforts of all of us Marlboro Light Cigarettes.s really fun to collect corn this time! I have heard about this scenic spot in Fuchunjiang. I am here today and I am truly blessed!n this paradise on earth, on a rainy day, the smog on the mountain is covered with a white gauze. In the mountains, you can see the geese flying in the sky, and you can hear the singing of the lark in the valley. In the case of smog, only the sound is heard, but it is not seen. How can it not cause infinite imagination?hen the weather is fine, the smog is dissipated. Sitting on a small boat Carton Of Newport Cigarettes, you can clearly see the fish and colorful stones in the bottom. At this time, you should be careful to row, because there will be a rushing current in front. The speed of this stream is amazing, faster than the arrows, and the raging waves are like a spur that breaks the this flow of water we came to the center of Fujiangchun. The peaks here are tall and continuous, and there are dense Newport Cigarettes Carton, cold-tolerant trees growing on the mountains. Seeing this beautiful scene, your heart is also filled with a chill. The cold trees on the peaks are vying for the distance between the high and the distant places Newport Carton, straight up and straight into the sky.oking back at the water, the spring slaps the stones on both sides of the strait, just like a concert, and it will be melodious for a while, and it will be stimulating. At this time, the beautiful birds appeared. Their singing is so harmonious, so pleasing to the ear. Of course, my nephew refused to give up. I knew it in the tree. I knew it, and I kept it. The apes in the mountains couldn��t stop screaming, seeing such a beautiful scene, even those who pursued fame and fortune, chasing the fame and fortune. It will calm down. Those who get government affairs on a daily basis, see the valley, linger on, and indulge in it. The horizontally sloping branches are covered on the top, and even during the daytime, the dim and thin branches of the dusk intersect each other, and sometimes the daylight can be seen.hun River really does not have the reputation of ��the strange mountains and waters, the world is unique.��