People's lives cannot be without music

  • People's lives cannot be without music. I don't know if you have such feelings. People can't refuse music in their lives. Because of the ancient slash-and-burn, the ancestors sang songs and sang the "Book of Songs" that are still indestructible. On the ancient battlefield of the bonfire, there are also ancient Yuefu lyrics that people can't sing; on the Loess Plateau, a clear sound Xintianyou flies directly from the side of the sky to us.ic can sing the heart of the listener. As a person who likes music, I think that the songs that Erhu pulls can best beat my heartstrings. Only one song "Two Springs Reflecting the Moon", I have already felt the most touching music in the world Cigarette Tobacco For Sale, the simple tone, the slow melodious melody, the twists and turns in the darkness, I feel that this is not simply depicting the spring water, and It is the sound that flows from a very lonely soul. This is a music that contains sadness and bitterness. My heart can't tremble with it, and it can't calm the heartening to the song quietly Marlboro Red 100S, I was in front of A Bing��s thin and lonely shadow. He couldn��t see a trace of moonlight, but he couldn��t catch a drop of spring water. But he opened the world with the musician��s feelings, all People can feel his wonderful language that tells the world that it is desolate. There are two drops of "spring water" in his eyes that reflect the rising moon. Ji Kang was on the execution ground, he played the last piece of his life Marlboro Lights. He didn't think that he was going to be a broken person, but his "Guangling San" was not handed down. This is as profound as the sadness of Ruan Ji. most incomprehensible is Huang Jiaxuan. The most difficult thing to forget is his "Glorious Years" Online Cigarettes. There is passion here, and some are shouting. Here we can see the feelings of a real musician. It is an emotion, a gesture, a gesture that dares to look down. He and his beyond band sing humans. The more alienated the quality, the singer from the far-reaching side of the human heart to the surface of the human heart. His life is as gorgeous as summer flowers.c, no need to explain. Whether it is simple or gorgeous, whether it is low-lying or high-pitched, whether it is "Liang Zhu" or "Dongfeng Broken" Carton Of Newports, whether it is guitar, violin or erhu... it spans the times, spans the nation, crosses national borders, it Touching its people in this unique language.ryone has a spring in their hearts, daily troubles, and masking its voice. When you wake up in the middle of the night, you will hear the melodiousngshan Kuiyi wrote this in "Listen to Spring".en you walk the streets, a familiar piano piece is melodious and lonely, and you look back, don't you feel that it is a worthwhile music?c plays an important role in our lives, adding a lot of fun to our lives and making life no longer monotonous.