Anniversary amend for Rocket League

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    cross-console multiplayer isn't in today's Anniversary amend for Rocket League. But thankfully there's abounding (free!) accepting on activity actuality to yield some of the bite off of Sony's abiding stubbornness. We're talking Rick and Morty customization options -- including a Mr. Poopy Butthole acknowledgment -- new music, alpha cars and the adeptness to change your ride's engine audio. Oh, there's a new amphitheater to apparatus about in as well. The amend will alpha rolling out afterwards today, at 6pm Eastern.

    If you're a fan of the  soundtrack, developer Psyonix has teamed with iam8Bit to put its EDM clips to wax. Unfortunately, this absolution doesn't eature any of the new tracks, and clashing today's patch, however, that almanac accumulating isn't free. The 3-LP, 180 gram set will run you the aloft aggregate as a new retail game, $60.

    Rocket League's Autumn Amend releases today at 3 bulletin Pacific, accusation off Advancing Analysis 6 and bringing aloft changes to car soccer. I'm decidedly aflame about the accession of cellophane goalposts—finally, goaltenders will be able to see whether the affray (or puck) is about to bead on the ambition line, or if it's bonds into the corner, rather than peeking out to accretion it already abaft them. We are in fact blessed.