Foot Trait for FIFA 19 Kim Hunter

  • The Journey:

    Addressed this issues:

        Customization of Alex Hunter, was incorrectly displaying for a few users.
        Updated the Mentor Selection screen.
        The Mentor Rating had not been present in the education flow.
        ‘Play The Game’ was incorrectly triggered through the opening of The Journey.
        The ball went missing from Jim Hunter’s hands if he scored a hattrick over the opening of The Journey.
        Stability issue over the post-match highlights using a match with Kim Hunter in Chapter 2.
        Stability issue when switching to Kim Hunter at the beginning of Chapter 4.
        Stability issue after completing an exercise drill with Kim Hunter.
        Purchasing the Weak Foot Trait for Kim Hunter was defaulting her Weak Foot rating to a few stars.
        Getting a red card in Danny Williams’ first match had been allowing him to become a sub inside the second.
        If Danny Williams got two yellow cards within FIFA 19 Coins his first match he was banned in excess of 1 game.
        One of Danny Williams’ teammates was missing his body during cutscene.
        The Matches Played stat for Alex Hunter and Danny Williams was sometimes inaccurate.
        Sometimes Danny could well be put into the starting lineup regardless if he had a Late Sub rating.
        The rival icon is missing in the match where Alex Hunter is playing Danny Williams.