FIFA 19 Nintendo Switch Review - Offside

  • If FIFA 19 on PS4 and Xbox One is a 40-piece orchestra considering the bells and whistles you can imagine, then FIFA 19 on Nintendo Switch would be the tribute band. The Switch version of EA's footballing behemoth proposes to have all precisely the same qualities--the Champions League! Ultimate Team! Career Mode!--but beneath the surface, everyone of its many facets lacks the depth and longevity using their company versions. On the pitch the Switch port feels relatively smooth, when a little dated, however it is hard to remove the feeling you're playing a reduced and incomplete version with this year's biggest soccer sim.

    Some improvements in the PS4 and Xbox One editions carry over to your Switch port, for FIFA Ultimate Team 19 Coins example timed finishing as well as the new Kick Off your laws options like No Rules and Survival Mode. Others, for instance game plans--or any type of tactical tweaks or player instructions--do not make cut.

    Once you obtain on the pitch, things feel satisfying--sometimes. Passing still feels imprecise, despite the presence of the world's best players, but shooting and dribbling feel almost the same as what's positioned on other platforms. But this port also seems to from older versions of FIFA--many cutscenes and environmental cues like those read out by stadium announcers are from way back to FIFA 10.