FIFA 19 add Champions League elements

  • From Ultimate Team for the Journey, the Champions League is front and centre of FIFA 19 and since executive producer Aaron McHardy explains it’s an addition several years in the making.

    "This is one of the most requested features from players for upwards of a decade, as well as for us the Champions League is very much more compared to a licence,” McHardy told  Goal .

    "We’ve been working very hard to integrate the FUT 19 Coins for sale feeling across the game in FIFA 19 and I don’t point out that lightly.

    "We didn’t need to just bring inside the licence teams so you're able to play with them within the right context, we wanted to go over and beyond and add Champions League elements to mmoah every one place we're able to in FIFA 19.

    "It’s been a whole lot of work and it’s really not a coat of paint. It’s really integrating meaningful features about the Champions League. We moved many dirt bringing it one's."

    As well because Champions League, FIFA 19 comes with the Europa League, UEFA's second-tier club competition.

    While it's not at all as glamorous because Champions League, the Europa League has featured the very best teams inside world, while using likes of Chelsea, Arsenal and Sevilla competing from the 2018-19 edition.