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  • Zelnick added that what Fortnite's success shows is some with the most successful Fortnite games are the types people don't see coming.

    As one example, Zelnick noticed that some industry-watchers said Red Dead Redemption wouldn't succeed because Westerns had fallen beyond favour. But of course, that game was obviously a smash hit, along with the sequel due this coming year is expected to become a massive success also.

    "Maybe the largest learning [from Fortnite] is simply the Fortnite reinforcement that the big hits by their very nature are unexpected.

     What drives a major hit is innovation not derivation," he was quoted saying. "That's what we're pleased with around here.

    When we created Red Dead Redemption, the traditional wisdom was that western titles do not be employed in the computer game business--and Red Dead Redemption would be a big hit and the site now we have higher than normal expectations for Red Dead Redemption 2.

    "So I think the reality that Fortnite surprised everyone, particularly given where Fortnite came from--after all, what exactly is now inside the market is founded on a prior release that would not perform everything that well.

     It's just a reflection of which if you innovate and Fortnite Items for sale present consumers what they really want, you can find an extraordinary result. And while we may love to corner the Fortnite market in hits, and now we certainly notice as our responsibility to do so, unfortunately we cannot have all on the hits so we shouldn't anticipate to."