Path of Exile: Awakening will expand Wraeclast while adding maj

  • The continent of Wraeclast has become home to the damned for two years.

    As the warriors of Path of Exile keep forge ahead from the name of survival, they're gonna encounter things they've never seen before.

    Yes, the crew at Grinding Gear Games have a great gift in the site mmoah mind for that game's upcoming Act IV expansion. In fact, the event dubbed "Awakening" is really big the developers are going to require to launch a closed beta before launching it for everybody.

    Path of Exile is looking to inflate the main continent of POE Orbs Wraeclast to the first time since game's launch, adding completely areas, dungeons, monsters, and end-game scenarios.

     Examples of new areas include dungeons much like the Mines, a frightening and candlight area stuffed with all-new enemies. The story will look at the continent's lore further, entering the history on the behemoth the Beast.

    Each time the Beast has awakened, it offers brought cataclysm and world-ending mayhem in the wake.