Path of Exile patch hitting servers which has a skill revamp so

  • Grinding Gear Games' ARPG can get quite a big patch at the start of June. While it will not be an expansion like previous patches of similar scope, it will likely be changing up the way the skills function amongst players as well as adding a fresh league.

    Grinding Gear Games will commence releasing details in the site mmoah coming months besides the initial plans they have got revealed because of their game's newest content update. The update are going to be hitting live servers on 01 June 2018 for PC, as well as the following weekend on Xbox One.

    While they've got announced the update will probably be rather large in scope, it defintely won't be a full expansion just like the ones we've seen before. It is going to be more of a rework with POE Currency the game's systems and much less of an addition of content.

    The main selling point on the patch is always that the team has been working very trying to fixing underused skills and adding new effects on the game. The addition of one effect to some spell can adjust so many builds in PoE, and that's why many players experience the game.

    Additionally, new Trap abilities are going to be added inside the update that will make trapper builds much more fun and versatile. Apart from trapper builds, players will quickly realize much more build variety plus much more will continue to surface on time.