The Exception to Using Macros in Path of Exile

  • Here’s where it gets really weird. The reason why I say that macros are banned typically is because the overall game is coded in a way that macros which sends 2 or more simultaneous inputs on the server won’t work.

    For example, you can’t employ a macro that presses 1 and a couple of at the same time–this sends two ‘requests’ towards the server, and is particularly therefore prohibited. However, you can make use of a macro in Path of Exile that presses enter, types /hideout, and presses enter again. Even though this is ten keystrokes, it's allowed because each server action is independent.

    Confused? You’re not the only one. The one macro that Path of Exile’s dev team continues to be public about will be the logout macro. One of the hottest programs for creating your POE Trade personal macros is known as AutoHotkey, and players can share their AutoHotkey scripts with one another–the most in-demand of these from the Path of Exile community may be the site mmoah logout macro. It issues several commands to take up the escape menu, and clicks “exit to character selection” for you personally. This macro automates multiple keystrokes, nonetheless it doesn’t issue them simultaneously. The logout macro am widely contested the developers specifically became available and stated it was fine.

    You are able to see where the confusion and annoyance will come in. Programming a macro in order that a single keystroke presents you with your menu, blocks user input, moves your mouse, and clicks submit is fine. But a macro that presses your 1 and two key with the same time is illegitimate.