Path of Exile’s Old MTX System

  • The old MTX system was atrociously organized. Items simply went in the stash inside the order you obtained them, so you couldn’t move them around manually.

     The only way to alter the order ended up being equip them, make a new space by equipping something else entirely, after which unequipping the 1st item. Time consuming, difficult, and irritating. Also, every item was obviously a different size, much like POE Delve Currency normal items.

    The skills were simply a one by one square, some armour was two by a couple of. This meant your MTX inventory would will have a bunch of awkwardly placed items.

    The UI was terrible, along with a game about the site collecting and organizing massive collections of loot, being unable to arrange your stash was incredibly frustrating.

    All these problems only got worse once you started moving on the second or further pages. Finding the things you wanted would have been a huge hassle with all the old system.