100% chance instead of power charges in Path of Exile

  •  Now it’s been changed it to also supply a 10% opportunity to gain a Power Charge on critical strikes, they usually buffed the possiblity to get one on non-critical strikes from 10% to 20%.

    They added a wholly new node likewise to make up with the combining of Ambush and Assassinate.

    The new node is Opportunistic, and it also gives mmoah you every stat you could potentially want: 20% increased movement speed if you’ve killed recently, 100% increased damage if there's only one enemy nearby, so you take no extra damage from critical strikes if there’s one enemy nearby. This node is insane, and will actually be the most effective in the game.

    They took the Ambush and Assassinate nodes and combined them.

    Now, you can find both of those nodes for POE Delve Currency 2 points, as opposed to four. That alone has to be massive buff, however they went much further.

     Unstable Infusion used to give you a 10% possibility to gain a Power Charge on non-critical strike.

    This was awkward because Power Charges raise your critical strike chance, so you’d sometimes attain the point of a 100% critical chance instead of gain power charges, which could force you to refresh them once in a while.