New crafting techniques or sell skill gems in Path of Exile

  • Now the masters are going to share their knowledge with other sites, which is quite handy, because Wraeclast is usually a deadly place.

    Only 2 of the masters happen to be revealed to date: Haku the armourmaster and Vorici the master assassin. The rest are going to be unveiled since it gets much better the launch date of August 20th.

    These masters have tasks for players, which increases your reputation together, checking more of their wisdom. These missions also come in different flavours according to the master.

     Vorici, by way of example, tasks exiles with 
    POE Currency killing marks or sending grisly messages through violence.

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    For your trouble, you’ll automatically get to hideouts that one could customise, building secret towns or guild halls.

     The masters will likely train exiles in new crafting techniques or sell skill gems and unique items.

    It feels like a lot of lovely new stuff, and Cheap POE Items so on top of the masters offers are new support and skill gems.

    New challenge leagues, an update for the passive skill tree, and tweaks to existing content including bosses like Merveil and Brutus.

    Keep the eyes peeled for that full patch notes after they appear a few days before launch.