Specific attention to Path of Exile

  • The Warhammer Fantasy setting is probably the most iconic from the wargaming, pen and paper, and videogame mediums. It’s an IP that isn’t afraid to tackle mature themes and combines humor with tragedy within a interesting way.

    Naturally, the IP also showcases a remarkable cast of Path of Exile races, deities, and antagonists, making 
    POE Currency for a thorough pantheon of Chaos abominations for players to address. Add to this a deep and detailed lore spanning decades, and you also pretty much contain the right ingredients to generate an action-packed, story-driven action-RPG that interests both Warhammer fans and players trying to find a fresh handle the genre.

    From the start we felt which the teams at Games Workshop were pretty pumped up about the idea of which has a Warhammer Fantasy Path of Exile action-RPG. Additionally, we know that we have a great grasp with the genre therefore we are very enthusiastic about Warhammer Fantasy, that's something Path of Exile that definitely helped in licensing the IP. If you find during lunch break, you can be sure that people will all be playing the tabletop game.

    For the instant, we don’t wish to spoil too much from the story, therefore we’ll generate a specific concentrate on that a bit later. All you can say is we are working not easy to offer players an account that will be approximately the standards in the IP. Since this is certainly one of Path of Exile our main ambitions with Cheap POE Items the title, we connected with one on the most well-regarded Warhammer Fantasy writers to be able to build Path of Exile the storyline and characters. We can’t wait to inform you more!