New Expansion For Path of Exile To Be Released

  • A developer for Path of Exile has said there will be a brand new expansion visiting the game, called Atlas of Worlds.

    The goal of Atlas of Worlds would be to reimagine to get rid of game of Path of Exile, as outlined by GameSpot. Players are able to change the map while they want it, along with the content from the map after they jump in to the map. Atlas of Worlds has 30 more areas and 19 more bosses and also buffed up check out all on the maps that already existed in Path of Exile.

    The new maps aren’t within their respective areas for no reason at all. Grinding Gear Games added a narrative for every single map, each causing an even larger main story overall. The new maps were designed using a higher difficulty:

    Grinding Gear Games stated that they realized that the longer players were staying in the experience, greater the developers became conscious of there was an absence of variety since they players continued to grind away in the lower level areas for getting stronger. To counter that, the designers made a decision to allow the players to generate the areas as difficult because the players want. The higher the a higher level the map, they higher degree of items is available. So if you’re missing some advanced items for 
    POE Currency minions, it is possible to go to an alternative version on the graveyard to Buy POE Orbs discover the items you need to generate your minion stronger.

    The performance of Path of Exile also has improved. The developer said that the overall game will run at quantity speed which will twice the frame rate when there are various enemies into the spotlight.

    Path of Exile was originally released in October 2013 for Microsoft Windows due to largely successful crowdfunding campaign. The developer stated Atlas of Worlds will launch on September 2.