The time slider Path of Exile gets the cave without end

  • Have you ever tested the news in Delve expansion?

    Grinding Gears has created a time-consuming monster in Path of Exile. Since release, the free-to-play success has consistently seen new content in the form of POE Currency moderate expansions. This time it's time for something different. The biggest new addition in the Delve expansion is a cave that never ends and will really test the limits of the players.

    The expansion went live last Friday and you have not already tried to endanger the cave, so you have a lot of content in front of Cheap POE Orbs you. First, the cave is truly endless and the only thing that can put an end to your success is how you chose to build your character and secondly, there's a lot of new loot to find. The longer you take the cave, the more difficult the resistance becomes and the more valuable will be the loot, which of course is felt.

    With the expansion, there are introduced tens of new abilities, new craft items that can be used with fossils to modify their properties, as well as several new weapons and parts of equipment that make you ready to meet the depth. For more details on what's new, I recommend the official site that you will find a link below.