Fortnite: Follow The Treasure Map In Dusty Divot (Week 7 Challe

  • It took longer than usual, but a brand new set of weekly challenges has become available in Fortnite, whether you're playing on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, or mobile. As has become the case this whole season, Week 7's challenges are divided up into two categories--those accessible to all players and others exclusive to Battle Pass owners--and they vary in color tremendously from straightforward tasks with a that require a little more legwork.

    The trickiest with the bunch immediately is to adhere to the treasure map obtained in Dusty Divot. The map you want is located in one with the buildings for the western side with the area, and you don't need to find it in-game to be able to complete Fortnite Items the battle; in case you already know where it contributes to, just head to that location and claim the Battle Star. In this case, the map points someone to a trio of trees just at night large stone head located northwest of Dusty Divot's warehouse.

    To find the Battle Star, simply drop from the aforementioned area at the outset of a match and you will probably see it waiting being collected within the middle from the three trees. If you need help finding its precise location, we've assembled the video above showing you in which to go to obtain the Battle Star. You can also browse the screenshots and maps below for any closer check out where the Battle Star is hidden.

    The other two tasks called Hard immediately are both elimination challenges. One has you scoring three eliminations with the SMG, even though the other challenges you with eliminating three Fortnite Weapons opponents in Lazy Links. Completing these is only a matter of buying the right weapon--or in the way it is of the second, heading to the proper area--and wanting to rack up the requisite kills. Similarly, the process to deal problems for opponents' structures with Remote Explosives is reasonably straightforward and just requires you to definitely use the proper weapons to destroy other players' structures.