Fortnite: How To Search For A Chest With Different Stages (Week

  • We're approaching the final of Season 5 in Fortnite, when this season wraps up, players continue to have a few more weeks of challenges to finish. Week 7's jobs are now available for everyone platforms--PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch, and mobile--and feature the normal assortment of free and Battle Pass-exclusive challenges, but one of the week's objectives might be a different from the standard fare.

    Among the modern Battle Pass challenges is that has players searching treasure chests. This sounds straightforward enough, but this type of task works a bit differently than previous challenges with Fortnite Items this nature. Rather than to be able to open any chests about the island, this condition is split up into multiple steps which have you planing a trip to a specific section of the map and opening a chest there. Each of these steps rewards you with one Battle Star, so you'll obtain a total of five if each of the steps are actually completed.

    Fortunately, in addition to this little wrinkle, completing the process is fairly easy, that you can open any chest inside designated location to unlock the next step from the process. The first step walks you to Pleasant Park, and once which includes been completed, you will end up tasked with opening a chest in Retail Row, and another in Lucky Landing, then Greasy Grove, lastly Paradise Palms, one of the revolutionary areas introduced at the beginning of Season 5.

    If you might need a visual guide on how to finish this challenge, we've assembled the video at the top in this story just to walk you through the full five-step process. You can also consider the map and screenshots above to determine where the treasure chests is available.

    Besides that, Week 7's trickiest challenge is usually to follow the treasure map present in Dusty Divot, that could take you into a cluster of Fortnite Skins for sale trees just at night stone head northwest with the area. The rest from the challenges are much more straightforward, however some, like dealing injury to opponents' structures with Remote Explosives and scoring three eliminations with the SMG, usually takes a bit of persistence to try and do. Finish all with this week's objectives and you should also clear another Road Trip challenge.

    Only and a weeks continue in Season 5, and yes it appears developer Epic is definitely teasing what's waiting for you for next season with another strange phenomena inside the game. Following the recent 5.30 update, lightning bolts is seen striking the ground since you play. Just what this portends remains to be noticed, nevertheless it seems the forthcoming Season 6 will shake Fortnite up in another big way if this eventually arrives.

    In the meantime, you have until the final of the season to level your Battle Pass up and unlock the Fortnite Season 5 rewards. If you need help completing any from the challenges, make sure to consult our complete Season 5 challenge roundup.