Follow the treasure map present in Dusty Divot - Fortnite Seaso

  • The seventh group of challenges have dropped in Fortnite’s Season 5, and also this week we’re tasked to “Follow the treasure map within Dusty Divot.”

    We’ll proceed to skip on onto the juicy part. Specifically best places to be heading for the Battle Star:
    The star is positioned northwest of Dusty Divot, during a patch of three trees. If you’re struggling to find Fortnite Items it, the most effective landmark to check out for Fortnite Skins for sale is a giant stone head, sometimes flanked by treasure chests:
    Once you’ve found the stone head, visit those trees behind it and right there in the middle of the three trees the Battle Star will pop.

    This is a particularly big week for challenges as it’s the primary week players are able to earn this season’s Road Trip Challenge skin (for completing every challenge over seven weeks). If you’ve been following along this also is your yesterday, congrats! It’ll net you this skin, which Reddit usually think appears like a Destiny character.