End of Season 5 in Fortnite Set to Be Delayed According to Leak

  • The current 'season' of Fortnite Battle Royale is scheduled to end later than planned, as outlined by dates based in the game files and leaked online.

    Fortnite happens to be in its fifth season, with each developing a unique theme and new groups of items, weapons and map POI's, keeping the action fresh to the massive player base.
    Each season until now has lasted 10 weeks, with all the fifth season currently on the verge of head in week 7.

    It was expected that season 6 therefore would begin on Tuesday, September 25, once you get your Fortnite Items theme, possibly Halloween related, giving the sport a makeover entering into the winter months.
    But, based on a post by known leakers 'FNBRLeaks', the sixth season is actually pushed back by developer Epic Games.

    The post shows the start of Season 5 (July 11, 2018), the 'Season Displayed End' date of September 25, 2018, but surprisingly also shows a 'Season End' date of October 2.
    This is naturally unconfirmed, and given Epic Games want to Buy Fortnite Skins keep fans on their toes and try to guessing, this can change in the approaching weeks.
    However, in the amount of radical changes and overhauls that came with all the end of season 4 entering into 5, it can't be surprising if Epic pushed back the final of season 5 to supply them additional time to work around the upcoming season.

    There is virtually nothing known by what to expect in season 6, but odd map changes happen to be spotted, related mostly for the 'rifts' dotted across the battle royale island, which may lead to clues.