The Drum Gun involves Fortnite

  • Fortnite’s in-game rocket may be launched, also it tore what looks to become a hole above and right the way through reality itself ... which tear is receiving bigger and bigger. You’d feel that this latest content update would address that situation in even some small way, but a minimum of we have a new machine gun?

    “The Drum Gun is really a hybrid weapon that combines the stopping power of your rifle using the suppressive ability and fire rate connected with an SMG,” the Fortnite team explains inside Fortnite Items the patch notes. It holds 50 rounds, uses medium ammo and delivers 26/27 base damage. You can find it one of many floor loot, in chests or perhaps in vending machines.

    The nice thing about it is that it looks really cool inside the game, and is often a very satisfying weapon to work with. Who doesn’t want to work with a Tommy Gun Drum Gun when looking for the other team?
    Our first impression in the Drum Gun is it’s a weapon that could fire for Fortnite Skins years without reloading, hits pretty hard and can be really useful at ripping apart structures or cleaning rooms. Watching the town find the best use for doing this is going to be enjoyable, because it’s a great weapon just with regard to firing rate, visuals and sound.

    And that’s it for your content update, really. Save the World has the stink bomb and 2 patriotic skins, nonetheless it looks like organic beef have to hold off until July 12, when season 5 begins, to get more.