Rocket League reveals the summer road map for 2019

  • Today, Psyonix unveiled the Rocket League summer roadmap, revealing and detailing what the PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC and Xbox One players can get from military sports games in the coming months. The details come from a new post on the official website of the game, which also describes the latest developments in the acquisition of Psyonix by Epic Games.

    Next month, the Rocket League will open its "biggest in-game event" ever, including several time-limited events. The entire event will share the same in-game currency for items that can be redeemed in the event store, but the items found in the event store itself will change over time as the event clicks in the game. In other words, there are more items than ever, but if you are not active enough, you may miss something.

    “We be aware that players sometimes read more Rocket League Items compared to they sometimes use, therefore we solved this by building XP Level-Up Pack towards the event store,” Psyonix wrote. “This signifies that players should be able to redeem Rocket League Keys for XP Level-Up Packs and 10 points for Rocket Pass - permitting you to upgrade your Rocket Pass Tier in a very super fast and super convenient way.”

    In addition, Psyonix will launch some content come early july, allowing players speak with strangers faster, that strangers will not likely launch games in chats simply because you made a mistake. This party option is going to be available on the screen as soon as the game. Another alternation in quality of life is getting ready to involve inventory. There will soon be considered a better solution to organize Rocket League Crates and in-game items with additional inventory management tools. The last reason for quality every day life is that Psyonix will improve boost the automated program, but looking at the sound, this will not likely happen during the summer time, but also in late 2019.

    "Of course, you may have read this month's 'Epic News', which is why we also want to assure you (and other members of our community) that the Rocket League will continue to be shaped by the same development team. Even if our family changes It’s even bigger, “In addition to the road map details, Psyonix wrote. "This game will also continue to be inspired and inspired by the enthusiasm and feedback of our dedicated player base."

    The Rocket League is available for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. As always, leave a comment at any time, let us know what you think, find me on the forum, and let me know.