Final Fantasy XIV server redistribution, world access system h

  • Since the announcement of Shadowbringers, people have been talking about patches, but the additional data center implemented by Square Enix has finally been completed. I believe you should have noticed that Final Fantasy XIV has been down for 24 hours last night because they are implementing the data center and are ready to transfer all servers.

    Prior to this patch, there were only Primal and Aether data centers in North America, but now Crystal has a carefully selected server. This coincides with the European players who received the spin-off earlier this month, and their data center is divided into two parts. Whether this is beneficial to people or worthy of discussion, people can still have some FFXIV Gil, which will be better integrated into the new access system. But see how the effects of shadow rock become very interesting.

    Plus, you can now easily access any server in your data center. There are some limitations, such as the inability to use your fixtures, the collection nodes are not available, and a variety of other things, but most of your operations can still help your progress. Thanks to the new data center, you can replace the server for free for the next two weeks (initially about $20), and now all servers are open. Come join Malboro!

    In the end, the game itself has undergone some subtle changes, but only some of the elements that will eventually happen. For example, the Orbonne Abbey no longer limits the number of rolls of equipment and the number of coins that can be obtained each week. The Scaevan Ester, previously acquired through the Omega Alphascape V3.0 Extreme Datalogs, is now available for purchase from three different Final Fantasy XIV Gil from three 24-player assaults. The Alphascape crystalloids weekly limit has been removed, so you can now get 390 weapons very quickly, as well as various other changes to PVP and Eureka Pagos.

    There should be a patch of 4.58 before Shadowbringers will be on July 2 (or June 28 of early access users).