Path of Exile co-founder why the studio avoids austerity

  • Crunch is a hot topic in the industry. It seems that more and more developers are weighing the balance, because more players want to know what happens to the games they are playing, that is, if the time required for employees to work is too ridiculous to prepare for shipping. title.

    Grinding Gear Games co-founder Chris Wilson led Reddit to share his thoughts on the studio's workload as it pushed the Path of Exile out. Players know that the current POE Currency is worth paying attention to, so players must still accumulate coins between players in an emergency.

    "Some studios their very own team working 14 hours to package each patch, containing the most patches and improvements. Sometimes after we read each of our Patch Notes thread and community feedback, the world thinks we are being motivated to do the same. I will Wilson say, don't run the corporation like that.

    “We try to communicate with our community as much as possible about our development priorities. We publish daily news and make some substantial development updates every week. Bex and her team are all over the community posts, passing information to developers and asking questions The answer. However, as I explained before, in order to be able to share our company plan on the subject, we must form the right developers, destroy their current work and make some time-consuming decisions."

    Wilson also pointed out that sometimes, when the team is in the process of updating the league, you must choose a raise. However, for most general development cycles, he said the team left a "great work/life balance." He did explain that takeaways are unfortunately that some changes to the oven will take longer before they are ready to go. There are also some updates to the rules for using POE Currency and POE Items , and players can learn more about it.

    When considering austerity and wondering why it takes so long to do something in the studio, it's important to remember the size of some teams. If you have a team of 5 people and you can't hire more workers, then you can only work hard when those teams start.

    Overworked teams do their utmost to develop updates and new content, while constantly expanding their work on other projects, ignoring their personal, social and mental health. You can't expect a team of so few people to do the work of a hundred people, and day, night, night and weekend work won't produce the results you want. Unfortunately, not all studios see the light that Wilson clearly has. Wilson said that from the final version of 3.7.0 to 4.0.0, there will be a large-scale fundamental improvement, but not at the expense of the health of the team.