⁣Path of Exile developers hope to make melee fighting less cumb

  • Grinding Gear, the developer of Path of Exile, wants to make the next reform. The focus of the reform is on the melee fighting of the game. The original intention is to let the player have a better gaming experience.

    With the release of the latest major extension of Path of Exile, Synthesis, developers have improved the game's cast settings. This makes the original model more prone to digital games, because almost all of the developers' spells are rebalanced. This is what the player likes and hears. Although the model has changed a certain amount, Path of Exile Currency is worthy of attention, so players still have to accumulate gold coins in the game in case of emergency.

    Next, it is the melee fighting mentioned earlier. In the news posted on the official website, Grinding Gear Games revealed plans to make melee fighting less cumbersome. Like changing the cast settings, the studio intends to balance speed, accuracy and other values, but the plan is to do more.

    To be specific, the developer hopes to make the player feel more nervous by making some changes to the change attack animation. With the Path of Exile'3.7.0 extension these should change gradually, probably in June.

    According to the developers, in addition to animation system improvements and melee skill re-planning balance, they are retesting systems such as precision, melee splash, otter, hardening, various Ascendancy classes, passive trees, hits or missed feedback, Melee damage based on basic types of melee, athletic skills and items. At the same time, some new plans and standards will be used in the use of POE Chaos Orb . Players can go to the official website to know when they release.

    Since these changes are still in the experimental phase, Grinding Gear cannot promise specific details. But they promise that all of this will be announced in May, about a month before the 3.7.0 expansion.

    Now, both consoles can use the "path of exile", the game has more players than before, so these changes will certainly be the attention and welcome of many people. I believe the players are looking forward to it.