The Final Fantasy XIV Companion app needs a whole lot of work 2

  • On the social end, features are functional but severely lacking. It's great that a contacts are organized by Friends List, Free Company and Linkshell and you'll be able to chat individually or with teams of friends that have the app activated, however it is nothing another app like Discord could do of the same quality or better. What's more is always that unlike apps like Gmail or Twitter, the FFXIV Companion app is locked towards the character you selected to Buy FFXIV Gil go with it. You can't log into another toon having a simple touch of your icon, even when they are all in the same account. So the FFXIV Companion can't do for just a single account any alternative apps are able to do for multiple accounts.

    And then you've got the event planner, which functions just the same since the one you'd find in every bog standard smartphone or tablet nowadays. Let's say you and your friends would like to fight Kefka at 9pm EST with a Wednesday. Easy enough. But when enough time comes chimes... notifications... events... where can they come from and where do they really go? The companion app won't try to remind you whenever your event is getting ready to start. None of these junk will fulfill your app.

    Monetization! Monetization is why life worth living! And this is a recurring theme on the next three categories from the app: Items, Sell and Buy. The Items category begins pretty cool, actually, including categories that basically don't appear in FFXIV itself. You can find out your personal inventory by consumables, crystals, turn-in items, weapons, armor, crafting materials and also the like. It's a nice feature that helps you save from requiring you to Final Fantasy 14 Gil sift through approximately 140 waste inventory.

    Sadly, this is the place that the dream ends and dies. If you need to move inventory on your Chocobo Saddlebag or between NPC retainers you need to buy into reasonably limited tier on the app and it also gets worse after that. What are basic functions in-game are monetized or deeply restricted in other ways inside the app.