SWTOR: Upcoming changes to the Jedi Knight and Sith Warrior

  • It will take another two and a half months before the third SWTOR expansion Knights of the Fallen Empire will be released. The official release date is October 27th. However, anyone who subscribes from 1 August to 20 October automatically takes part in SWTOR Credits KotFE Early Access. That's not all, all that on 01.08. Subscribers, no matter how long, receive a new companion to Buy SWTOR Credits launch the addon: Nico Okarr.

    If you want to take all the goodies and the early access with you, you will need an ongoing subscription from tomorrow. You can find more information about the rewards on SWTOR.com, you can find out more about the game on our SWTOR topic page.

    Developers will highlight the highlights of a new skill in today's class blog: "We wanted to increase the agility of these two powerful fighters on the SWTOR Credits for sale battlefield, as well as SWTOR Credits US make them harder to kite, with the new Knights / Warriors ability - Blade Blitz / Mad Dash Class design and Knight / Warrior players will find it easier to stay focused on one goal, as well as many adjustments to existing abilities.