It Only Took 1 Hour to Port Path of Exile

  • It Only Took 1 Hour to Port Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath to Xbox One X
    With over 16 million registered users and 1.1 million monthly active users on PC, Path of Exile is an immensely popular ARPG by New Zealand developer Grinding Gear Games. During E3 2017 we sat down with Managing Director Chris Wilson to check out the latest cheap poe exalted orbs expansion for Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath. The largest expansion to date, Fall of Oriath includes six new acts with a port for Xbox One launching with the expansion as well. Since its launch in 2013, Path of Exile was only available on PC.

    The Xbox One port will include everything available in the PC version, with each platform getting separate servers. Actually porting the game over to Xbox from a technical standpoint wasn?t too much of a challenge, ?From a control point of view, it actually came together pretty smoothly,? says Wilson. ?It?s easy to port to Xbox because the game was already a Windows game.?

    Path of Exile will even be available on Microsoft?s newest console the Xbox One X. After they got a dev kit a few weeks ago, it only took an hour, yes an hour, to port the Xbox One version of the game up to Xbox One X running at 60 fps in buy poe exalted orbs 4K.BY [] here thanks, more poe orbs cheap from us!