The Blood Aqueduct Map into POE game

  • The Blood Aqueduct Map

    The Blood Aqueduct is buy poe exalted orbs an area in Act 9. This area has a waypoint and is connected to The Harbour Bridge and Highgate.

    5. Arid Lake Map

    This map uses the Fetid Pool tileset. It is a large, open area with a pool of water in the center, similar to the Fetid Pool in Act 1. Players start at the edge of the map, and the boss arena spawns on the opposite side close to the water.

    Boss Arena
    The arena is large and doesn't have a random magic monster pack. Instead, it contains 3 packs of rhoas (one per nest). Boss awaits on the far side of the arena, and engaging it seals the entrance until the boss is killed.

    Drought exalted orbs Maddened Rhoa, based on Oozeback Bloom. BY [] here now... well done, so thanks!