Finally, the English Version of Digimon Masters Online Announce

  • Digimon fans can still remember that in late 2010 Wemade(presently has merged with Joymax) announced to get a localized version of Digimon Masters Online to Digimon Masters Online Tera western market then again delayed it into a day this season. However, the delay lasted for over half a year that made many Digimon fans assume that it's fake and Joymax had cheated them. But finally and fortunately, Joymax announced it and opened the state run site today.
    Joymax hasn't revealed the beta plan but they've confirmed inside FAQ that you will have a beta before launch, and "currently DBO players are guaranteed a location if they have a merchant account in good standing after they register with Joymax." To register a Joymax account, look at .
    Digimon Masters Online is fully based on an original story and characters inside TV anime series and includes over 1,000 characters in DMO Currency the initial work. You will choose one with the characters plus a partner Digimon to begin with your game, and you are able to collect new digimons while you progress. Different to Digimon Battle, Digimon Masters features real-time combat system and much better 3D graphics. More information about Digimon Masters Online can be obtained at the state site.