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  • Hi, I'm Jana Coke, the frugal stylist. Now how do you exactly wear pantyhose with strappy sandals? Well for one you want to make sure that the diner on the hosiery is less than 20. Now diner just basically means if it's opaque or not, the sheerness of the hose. Currently, the Blue GPS shoe is available in Latin America for $150 a pair. As of July 2010 the Blue GPS shoe has yet to be released in the United States. They are rumored to cost $325 per pair. This is hard for most people to do on a shoe string budget, but you can make a free moving green screen backdrop to put behind the car. Then you can place the camera in the back of the car and record out the back window while driving for a while. No matter where you place the camera you are going to get clean audio, so you are going to position the camera for ease of use and visibility. I resolve that from this day forward I will heed each and every signal of discomfort that my feet communicate to me. I am well aware that they have most likely been doing this all along and that I, wrapped in my selfmade sheath of invincibility, have elected to ignore these communications. I will do so no longer! I will listen and (more importantly) hear when my heel screams from the constant rubbing against the back of my shoe. Ladies with curvier shapes can pull this look off, too. 1900s clothing styles were varied for women and men, but the trends and styles established during this period, formed the basis for formal men's wear worn today. When you consider that it takes three tons of wood products to produce a single ton of paper, not Valentino Outlet to mention the water used and carbon dioxide emitted during production, throwing away something as simple as a file folder takes on a whole new meaning.