When the Spring Festival is over

  • When the Spring Festival is over, everyone gathers at the grandmother's house. The long-awaited "grab red envelope" activity of our children is about to begin! saw my grandmother put a large, small and bright red envelope in the basket under the desk. The space under the desk is very small and can only accommodate 2 children. Seven or eight younger siblings have already been excited. They just waited for the grandmother to make a slap. Grandma began to announce the rules: "Children Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, everyone has a red envelope, but the size is different. When you grab the red envelope, you should pay attention to safety! Let's get started!"dma��s voice just fell, seven or eight younger siblings did not give each other, and each rushed out like an arrow from the string, because each of them wanted to get the biggest red envelope. They rushed to the bottom of the table and only allowed the small gaps of the two people to be surrounded Marlboro Cigarettes Online. They squatted on the floor, squeezing to the left for a while, then squeezing to the right for a while, then stretching their arms to the inside, and sometimes trying to push others away... In a flash, the desk was about to be overwhelmed by them.hough I really want to squeeze in, but I came back, I thought: I am the oldest, give them the biggest red envelope Newport Cigarettes, I will pick them up! Besides, family members are rarely reunited, the most important thing is to be happy! when everyone was trying their best to grab the red envelope, the younger sister of Erbo��s family suddenly burst into tears. The other younger brothers scared and shrank back, and the whole person was overwhelmed. . The little guy took the opportunity to climb to the basket and reached for the biggest red envelope. Looking at her smug, the elders laughed happily.er, several other younger siblings also rushed in to get the red envelopes, all of them smiled on their faces, leaving only the smallest one, which is mine. However, Grandma is strict, only after everyone gets the red envelope, can it be opened.one opened the red envelope and they were shocked. Although Xiaomei grabbed the biggest red envelope, it only had 20 yuan in it, the other red envelopes were 50 yuan Carton Of Cigarettes, and the little red envelope that belongs to me curled up with a hundred dollar bill.yone, look at me, I look at you, the younger sister first proposed "protest", saying that Grandma is unfair, and other younger siblings nod. Grandma smiled and said: "Children, seeing things can't just look at the surface of the object Cigarettes Cheaper, people who know how to be cumbersome will get more!" The children seem to understand and nod their heads... now, my grandmother's words are still echoing in my ear, and the remaining little red envelopes bring me more and more positive energy. I will always remember my grandmother's teaching.