In the summer, the stream flows.

  • In the summer, the stream flows. Our little children are playing and playing around the river. The adults talked about the land under the shade of trees. Knowing that he was crying, it seems to be saying: "There is a hot death!" The bird is free to fly freely in the sky. There are good memories in the beautiful fields. the fall, the maple sister fell with red leaves, as if to meet the harvest year. Xiaohua is going to bid farewell to his brothers and sisters. The uncle of the peasant harvested the fruits of his labor in the fields of hope. We are helping the farmer to work Cigarettes Online. The birds flocked to each other and bid farewell to everything here Marlboro Lights. There was a good farewell in the field full of laughter. the winter, heavy snow has risen underground. We played happily on the trail. All the plants have yielded, and only the holly tree stands proudly in the snow. Most of the animals are hibernating. In this secluded winter, the footprints of the th grade: Zhang ZhenLeft hand, right hand, left hand, right hand." Listen, what is this sound? It turned out that Teacher Zhang was leading the classmates and playing a game of "doing it right"! Right? What is right? I am puzzled and thinking. It turned out to be a person commanding, and we listened to his instructions and did it! Hey, the game officially started. The teacher first demonstrated it. She patted her head and stared at us. She smiled and said: "Left hand." We raised our left hand very honestly, and changed the right hand at the speed of stealing the bell. After that, the teacher smiled again and said, "Right hand." The students listened, and some of them held their left hand accurately and with pleasure Marlboro Menthol 100S. Some were still very honest. The teacher said that the right hand, he listened to the teacher's order to raise his right hand; Some have already been played around, and they can't tell the difference. After the demonstration was over, the teacher asked the "commander" Chen Bin to come and command us the soldiers. Just listening to Chen Bin��s eyes twitching, like a sly fox, seems to be thinking about what a ghost idea. Our chief repeatedly said: "Left hand, right hand, left hand, right hand." But these little commands didn't work for us at all, and the small soldiers managed to cross the first pass. Chief Chen Bin saw that we were not fooled, and it was a brainstorming. He suddenly became very quiet Carton Of Cigarettes, and the students became silent. After a while, we relaxed our vigilance. The chief suddenly came up with a sentence: "Left hand hits the right face "We didn't react at the moment Marlboro Gold, "brushed" and slammed the right face with your left hand. Then he said another sentence: "The right hand hits the left face." We all realized that Changmeng had been neat and had to hold the dark red face with both hands, as if to say: "Hey! Look at you here. What to do." The clerk repeated the first two sentences, and he took us all the time. The students have been smacking their faces all the time. "Eat", everyone laughed and laughed. Our laughter resounded through the clouds, and the game was not only fun, interesting, but also tested our ability to respond.