The gourd dam

  • The gourd dam has the original flavor of the dish Parliament Cigarettes, the scent of the Taoist miracle medicine, and the lingering fragrance of thousands of years. From the first farmhouse, the weather is fine, the mountains like the pen holders Marlboro Cigarettes, the scent of the scrolls is the most fascinating. The place is the contemporary writer, the hometown of the first Mao Dun Literature Award winner Zhou Keqin, who has stayed here. After the footsteps of the Jianzhou four champions went to the Huluba, less than Zhou Keqin��s former residence, I felt that there was something missing, and there was always some peace of mind. Following the instructions of the villagers, we followed the dirt road along the back wall slowly Marlboro Gold. The line may be due to the inaccessibility of the usual, the road that is about one meter wide is covered with yellow grass. The road, the bamboo forest, the fence, the ancient well, and the daughter-in-law who wears the dolls make up a moving The rural picture of the former residence of Keqin under the warm sun in the winter Online Cigarettes, all the grass and the wood are full of vitality, the winding Tianfu, the chaotic houses have all the traces of the celery, perhaps too many people who come to hang the celery. The people in the village have long been accustomed to the distant guests, the uncles who pick the dung, the aunt who cut the grass, the daughter-in-law and the children in the village Cigarettes Online, they can stop to tell you about some of Zhou��s past events. Which piece of land is Zhou's, which slope is Zhou's, even the shacks used by Zhou Keqin, the manure barrels can be vividly described as older people will also tell some pictures of Xu Mao and his daughters. Duan, seemingly plain and plain words, but full of words and reluctance of the neighborhood complex Zhou Keqin's life, basically spent in the countryside, as a private teacher, accountant, production captain, from the original stupid boy to the name The Chinese peasant writers, the folks witnessed each of his gorgeous transformations, the creeks and clear waters, and the Shengyang Fan sing. Inadvertently, Zhou Keqin��s landscapes and human feelings have been deeply integrated into the land of this chicken and dog. The script is about other people. In fact, it is written in the hearts of the villagers. It seems that Zhou Keqin has never left the village where he raised him. Even Xu Mou and his daughters in the works have become honor villagers in the village. Say that we are making a special trip to worship the former residence of Zhou Keqin, an aunt who is picking wild vegetables in the field. She rushed over with enthusiasm and not only pointed out the former residence of Zhou Keqin. Xiang, also gave us a soft money dish just picked from the ground, Auntie excitedly told us that Zhou Keqin used to eat soft money dishes and rice bran to make the most difficult winter. This dish, I am no stranger, I only ate at the first farm at noon, the original production method, no cooking means, slowly chewing, the most authentic taste of the life I have some inexplicable feelings, the impression The place where the literati is a place is a mountain spirit, and the place where the people are awe-inspiring is the Jianyang person. Zhou Keqin��s works are not much read. One side of the land, one side of the hometown,
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