On Sunday mornin

  • On Sunday morning, I got up early. I think today is Mother's Day. Since I can't send my mother's gift to express my love for my mother, then I can help my mother share some housework. First of all, after I glanced at my room, I was shocked and the room was haunted by me. I used to feel that my room was neat and tidy, and now I realized that my mother had exchanged for her hard sweat. Every morning I got up and went to school, but after I went to school at noon Marlboro Lights, the room was clean again Marlboro Cigarettes. Mom is a neat and tidy person. Sometimes she starts to clean up my room before going to work, and even eats breakfast. My mother still worked hard to organize my room without any complaints. So that there are a few silver wires on my mother's hair. Thinking of this, my heart is not a taste. After meditation there for a moment, I decided to help my mother do more housework. I first put the books on the table into a hill-like book, and put them in the side. Then I started stacking quilts Newport 100S. Because of the small strength, the stacking was very tired. It also made me feel the hard work of doing housework. After I cleaned my room, I came to the living room. I had a day of sandstorms yesterday. Although the window door was closed, the traces of sandstorms could still be seen in the room. I didn't use a vacuum cleaner because the vacuum cleaner was too noisy and I was afraid to wake my father. I first swept the dust into a pile with a broom, put it in a paper basket, and wipe it again with a wet towel. The floor was wiped clean, but the footprints were left, and I had to wipe it again and again. Looking at the neat new kitchen, I smiled happily. At this time, I felt uncomfortable on my back and scratched my hand. Hey, I didn��t know it, I was already sweating. This sweat dripped into my heart like a nectar, and evoked my memories of the busy pictures of my mother. I looked at my labor with my tired body, and I sat down on the stool. At this time, I was soberly aware of the hardships of my mother doing housework Newport Cigarettes Coupons. At this time, the waist is sore and I want to lie down. But I don't want to lie on the bed just packed, afraid to destroy my labor. The night shift mother came back and saw that the house became so clean and tidy. First, I was shocked. Later I asked my father to realize it. Mom came to my room and touched my wet head, and the tears of excitement swirled in my eyes. Mom boasted that I grew up. I took my mother's hand and said, "This is the gift I gave you. On Mother's Day, I understand that there are many things in life that don't do good or not. Send a rose hand and have a fragrance. The second one: I help my mother. One day at home, I was sitting on the sofa and doing nothing, and my mother was busy sitting in the housework. Looking at my busy figure, my heart flashed a thought - to help my mother do housework, my mother is not Let me do it, she said: "You are usually spoiled at home, and want to help me with housework, don't help me!" "I spoke to my mother comfortably: "It's just a pampering exercise, you just let me do it, let's go and rest!" "Mom was entangled in me, and finally promised that the first thing to do was to wipe the floor. My mother told me not to use a mop, but to wipe it with a rag. This is difficult for me! I first played from the outside." A bucket of water was mentioned in the room, and a rag was taken from the table. I threw the rag in the bucket and soaked it, wring it out, then learn how the mother looks Cigarettes For Sale, roll up the sleeves, and hold the rag tightly in the hand. Then, half a squat on the ground, rubbing hard, the dust on the ground was all wiped off by me. Sometimes, my legs were sour, I simply rubbed on the floor. I rubbed from the corner and wiped from the room. At the door. After I wiped the floor, I was sweating, my knees were red, but I saw the spotless ground. After my heart was sweet and I finished the first housework, I came to the room. I saw a few dirty clothes on the bed, I took the clothes into the washing machine and