Since we have WeChat

  • Since we have WeChat, it seems that we have more connections with the outside world. As we are pulled in one by one or take the initiative to join different groups, many students and friends who have no contact in the past have been connected, junior high school. Classmates, high school classmates, university classmates, colleagues from previous work units, and other departmental colleagues in the current work unit are all within reach of their own, so many people have been added. My own address book, because I feel that "after all, a classmate / colleague, add a WeChat, maybe you need to contact later; of course, there are many people who come to add me to see if they are people, or even if they are not familiar, but Because of the face, it will be approved! This seems to have become a habit of people to interact with each other, so the number of my WeChat friends has increased from the beginning to the dozens, all the way to the current 802 is also because of this Every once or two minutes every day Chicago Cigarettes Prices Cartons, I will have several updated circle of friends. Through the circle of friends, I know: Oh, it��s the male students in this junior high school. Just born; through the circle of friends, I know: Oh, the female student in this high school is now settled in Beijing, and this young man who just called me to sell the real estate is like this. In the circle of friends, this friend made a The table is good, I will give you a compliment; the friend will accompany the child to travel in the summer vacation, I will make a comment: I really envy you; then a friend will send a word in the circle of friends to say today��s birthday, wish you a happy birthday, then I wrote in the following comments: Happy birthday, and then attached the cake and flowers in the map or the circle of friends. This friend forwarded the article well, I also forwarded it to share; the friend forwarded The article is very funny, I also forward it, entertaining the public in the circle of friends, it seems that we have been very "full", but I really have a harvest? One day I suddenly asked myself, and then began to think no! Really not! Even the collection After countless practical life tips, top ten health foods, but after seemingly shutting down the phone, I don��t remember anything. I have to refresh my countless times in a day Cheap Newport Regular Online. The precious circle of friends didn��t give me any gains at all. I am very upset about this conclusion Wholesale Marlboro Red 100'S, but this is indeed an irresistible fact; I have always been acting as an audience for other people��s lives; he/she is happy. Something, send a comment to congratulate her; meet unhappy things, or send a comment to comfort him/her; but he/she really has a relationship with you? His/her life has something to do with you, no Newport Short Cigareetes, they have to Life has nothing to do with you. You can not contact for twenty years after graduating from junior high school. It proves that your life is the same without him/her, and that his/her life is the same without you; then why bother yourself? Half a stool sitting under the table waiting to watch other people's lives? Do you have a lot of time to squander? No, time goes by every minute Duty Free Cigs Fast Delivery, leaving me less time to create my own value. Now, I can't waste my time watching other people's lives from today, no longer doing the lives of other people's lives; living my own every day!