A person walks on

  • A person walks on the stranger of time, and the wind of the passing year blew gently. Although it is not all the beautiful scenery, it is also very elegant and there is not much wave. Maybe I have already passed the age of showing off and noisy. The old clothes I liked have gradually been replaced by plainness. I used to care about other people��s eyes. Now I just want to take care of my own warm and cold life. It is a light If the word becomes broad and plain, it will not be low because of the scorn of others, nor will it be unhappy because of the harm of others, and the accumulation of life will give all the pure and gorgeous, the taste of joy, slow. Slowly learn to be calm, good and bad are not to render, only to appreciate their own scenery, to open the threshold of their own life to open the time, the sun is still warm, time is so quiet, such as the safety of a cup of tea. Time has become more mellow in the years, exudes a simple and moving light, still prevailing in ordinary days, those petals falling behind the rain, just like a beautiful loneliness, lost and safe, flowers bloom, beautiful In the past, the flowers fell like snow, like the beginning. Time does not need to be carefully depicted, and for a long time, it will give birth to warm fragrance. Life will come all the way, and go again. Think of it as warm, remembering it, you only need to be gentle and powerful. If you live a good life every day, you want to be quiet, don��t want to tell anyone, I don't want to let my troubles pass by. The charm of time is to awaken the most pure feelings of the heart, and the corner of one person will also warm the city. Like simple and simple, do not have to look forward to a flower, do not have to expect to hold the hand, as long as clean and natural to keep a heart. Life, more often silence and persistence, we are all bystanders Lights Cigarette, you have your bridge to cross, I have my way to go, there is always a landscape, we all want to arrive, there is always one The place, let you care, there is always a love, it is worth collecting, passing, not necessarily lost on the road, the years are warm Buy Cheap Newports, see and see, and even miss the time, we are all people on the road. Sometimes, it will snow against the wind, and sometimes it will see bright and clean sun. Every step of the way will leave traces, and occasionally will be drunk in the warm light. In the world of jealousy, I will try to find myself. They say that in this world, except love is baggage, then I hope that in Give you poetry and smiles along the way. If you write, the poetry and life can be as simple as those flowers that are watered with kindness, but each flower is unique. Like, you have my own, I have my habit of going home, walking down, looking down on the road that I want to go, looking up, and only admiring the sky on my head, lonely or awkward, They are all in their own state of mind. They are warm and self-aware, self-closing, and arrogant. They are also the scenery of one person. Anyone else can say that, in fact, it is not indifferent, nor tired, just thinking, having a quiet, Can let me freely write freely above Newport Carton Wholesale. Schopenhauer said that sometimes you should be alone, either alone or vulgar. In fact, sometimes, loneliness and vulgarity are not unreasonable. If you are tired, you can't expect others to understand. If you can live in one place, you will create warmth and loneliness. It is the place where the soul inhabits. Xue Xiaochan said, I am lonely, so I love the worldly life, I am getting older, and gradually understand the imperfections in life. Life is like this. Parting and gathering, suffering and happiness always go hand in hand. In the noisy and noisy, each of us likes that sentence alone, with whom we sit, the moon is breezy, the life is not too busy, and there is nothing in the heart to create poetry, to live a life, and to have mountains and rivers in the heart. It can make life green grass and greenery, reach the inner Qingming and peace, and let the days of joy and joy suddenly think of what people think, is a thousand times back and forth, it is an old street in the time city pool, maybe this one You can't think of the name of the street, but there is such a person who lives in the softest place in the heart, so that you can't help but miss the mountain water. The past is perhaps the past, the encounter in this life is a fateful long time. Reunion, or your smile, why is there always no reason to emerge? If there is such a person, you have made a mark in your life. In the past years, you are his only one. Even if your anger is already irrelevant to his sorrow and joy, if you think of it, there will still be warmth. Thanks to the long years, we can meet life, that is, a practice, walking with a flower, low eyebrows, only for the loved ones, look up, you will see the vast sky and the sun, open the heart window, Let the soul fall into the sweet fragrance, and the heart is warm. No matter how far you go, you will not be tired Cheap Carton Of Newport Cigarettes. No matter what kind of experience you have experienced, it will not be cold. Take a beautiful and beautiful bloom, not flattering, self-concern. Even in the coldest season, in my heart, I have to hold a spring. With love to write, with love, no intention to struggle for spring, a group of Fangfang, not afraid of the cold, elegant and fragrant, giving affection to the years, leaving the loneliness to yourself, revealing joy in the cold. No matter how many roads you take, the scenery of one person is still picturesque Newport Short Carton.