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  • We often say that time is life. In fact, this is just a metaphor. No one's time is equal to one's own life. But I don't know if you have thought about it. If one day, with the advancement of science and technology, the time in our hands really becomes the life of each of us. What kind of situation will it be? I always like it. Watching movies, I watch a few movies almost every week. Although I have seen countless movies, I have only one movie, which makes me very impressed and unforgettable. The film is a science fiction theme, and it is about a certain stage in the future. Human society no longer uses money as a medium of communication, but time. At that time, people, except for a period of time as a life, earned time to work, to spend time after work, to spend time is still Cigarettes Wholesale Price, all transactions are time. So the difference between people is the difference in how much time they have. The more time, the more: This is the first place. Your social status is very high, just like the rich people in our society. Second, the more time you have, the more you represent eternal life. And ordinary people, in addition to the basic time of the beginning, have to work hard to exchange time. As the price rises, the wages that could have earned 2,000 hours a month will be reduced to 1800 hours. As a result, the time spent earning less is less, and the time spent spending more time makes it impossible to make ends meet, so the street is always horizontal. There are so many corpses lying down. You will see that there are many people every day, because they have used up time and died. A good end of the person, still swaying in the last second, the next second died directly. The whole film conveys to us a very incredible way: time is life. At that time, after watching this movie, those plots were deeply engraved in my mind, and my heart gave birth to a burst of surprise and incredible. So I secretly prayed to God: The human society should never go to that development Newport Cigarette Price, because it is not wonderful. Although we have been crying out for a long time, time is life, but who is truly cherishing time like cherishing life. Nowadays young people, who are not using life to brush their friends circle, watching Weibo, visiting Taobao, playing games, chatting about boring days... I don��t know how many hours passed, what is it There is no guilty feeling of guilt, but when someone stands up and points out this problem, most of us will think that others do not understand ourselves because they are guilty of each other. Some even think that they are still young and have a lot of time to squander. I said, when I was young, I was not very romantic. Do I have to wait until I am old? Every time I hear such words, I can��t help but be ashamed of them. Throughout the ages, how many celebrities have been warning us of our time. Zhuangzi has a cloud: between the heavens and the earth, if the white is over the gap, it is already. Shakespeare said: The person who abandoned the time, the time also abandoned him; Uncle Ben said: The eyes are closed, the day is over, the eyes are closed, and this life has passed. If you think about it carefully, isn't that just so obvious? Life is a one-way journey. The length of the road is already doomed. We may not have a solution, but the width of the road can be decided by ourselves. Everyone is born to die Marlboro 100S Carton. Tomorrow and the accident, which one will come first, who knows? It is better to grasp the time in your hands as much as possible. The future will always be late, and now it will always fly like an arrow, but the past will never stand still. Each of us gets 24 hours, 1440 hours, and 86,400 seconds a day, but each person's final achievement is different. To be precise, it is very different. Talents will have three or six points, isn't it? Only when We understand that time is gone forever, and that the cause will never be achieved. Whoever has seized the time will have a brilliant career and a brilliant life, and those who have lost their time will eventually become ruined. life. If our life really becomes the same in the movie, then is it true that each of us will have a sense of urgency? Is it that everyone will have a sense of awe in time when they are born? Is it everyone? Race against time? I think the answer is inevitable Buy Newports, because time is life. If you save a minute, you will live another minute, and you will have more hope. Maybe this minute may win the opportunity to squid and jump the dragon door. Maybe you will become eternal life if you accidentally. Who said that there is no such possibility? People at the time, all their lives, but in order to live a minute more, people have said that the film is ridiculously absurd. Some people say that this movie is really scary Wholesale Cigarettes Free Shipping. I don't want to evaluate it. I have a professional film critic to comment. What attracts me is the director��s expression technique. It seems to be deviant, but it��s a step-by-step approach to us: you see, time is life.