Holding a high

  • Holding a high expectation to watch the movie "Wrestling Daddy", it did not let me down. Whether it is an actor acting or a scene plot setting, it is a conscience. The film was adapted from a real story. A father of an ordinary village in India trained his two daughters to practice wrestling in order to realize his glory for the country. In the end, the eldest daughter won the international competition and realized his father��s desire to win glory for the country. story. Many people discussed whether the father's education was feasible after watching the movie. The daughters lost their joyful childhood because they carried their father's expectations. From this perspective, the father is selfish. But whoever stipulates that play is spent is called childhood? The two sisters in the movie have made a lot of physical training every day and made extraordinary achievements. I think such a childhood is also very meaningful. After watching this movie, the most touching part is that my sister cut off her long hair and restarted after several failures in the international competition. The sisters started to resist the father. They fled the training and went to the wedding Marlboro Lights Online. The father found him disappointed and then the bride of the wedding told them that their father was only trying to control their own destiny. The father married her to a stranger for the sake of her small profits. At this time, the two sisters realized that they did not know whether they were fighting against their father or their own future. They no longer complained and carefully completed the training. My sister will win the national competition all the way through, and she needs to go to a professional sports academy to study. In the face of professional coaches, my sister abandoned the skills taught by her father. The girl��s heart was also fascinated by her appearance. She became more and more proud. She forgot how she came to this step. But again and again the failure made her see herself. She cut her long hair and returned to her own. In fact, we have a good starting point when everyone is doing something. They are all white cloths. However, after washing and dyeing in the dyeing tank, will you still have the original cleanliness? A young civil servant The determination to become a public servant serving the people entered the office building Cheapest Newports Cigarettes. A few decades later, a middle-aged official in the prison shed tears of remorse. Under the temptation of interest, he trampled on his original intention; The young actor dreams of becoming a movie actor with his acting skills Marlboro Red 100 Carton, but over the years Wholesale Cigarettes Free Shipping, he has rushed through the various variety shows, with good income and popularity, and released several albums, but never played hard. A movie character, his dream of the Emperor is only a dream. "Do not forget the initial heart" is both a good character and a life attitude. We often have a good starting point, but we have lost ourselves in the vicissitudes of change. Life is alive, and the beginning is a good end, and after all, it is a void. Do not forget the initial heart, do not forget the original intention of supporting your advancement in your heart, and give your dream a happy ending Marlboro Cigarettes Wholesale.