n the warm winter sun

  • n the warm winter sun, I sneaked on me. I sat quietly on the wooden chair of my dam. I closed my eyes and listened to another familiar melody. The melodies were beautiful and weaved one dream after another. , generations of generations of feelings. Facing the rising sun, the whole body is warm, it feels like the mother's arms, warm and can't forget the time is too short Wholesale Cigarette, the time is like an arrow, can't keep the lush years, can't forget the past. In the hall, several children are playing role-playing games. You are a mother, I am a baby, you are a father. The baby cried and called her mother: I want to drink grandma Buy Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping. The baby cried again, clamoring for Dad to hug the baby, and Mom and Dad laughed and listened to the children laughing in the hall, crying, entering the role, just like us, when there was no Living with care, I only know every day, I laugh when I am happy, I cry when I am not happy, and everything is left to my parents. All the troubles are left behind and now I am also a mother. I realized that it was not easy for my parents to raise a child at that time. Every day, I was greedy and hardworking every day. Parents always want to leave the best food to their children, and always want to show the most brilliant smile to their children. I always want to give my children the best companionship. The happiest growing children grow up, but their parents have been hungry. Every day in the fields, they can see their old dragons in the morning sun and the sunset. Day after day, year after year, year after year, the songs of the four seasons, the songs are always weaving generations of stories from generation to generation, rendering, again and again, leaving life and death, in a flash, separated by two places. That love has been circulating in the blood of generation after generation. It is said that some roads are suitable for one person to walk, and some love grows forever in the heart. My mother is also young, just like me today, blue and waist, eyebrows, she laughed, cried, loved, hated, the big and small things that are bothering in life, she also used that The hands of the old man are stroking Buy Newport 100 Cigarettes Online. Morning sun passed through the layers of smog, getting closer and closer to me, closing my eyes, I can feel the warmth of the lips, kissing my whole body, I laughed, the light in my life is always so warm People's atrium. Some people are gone, some are born again, some are old, and some are growing up. The laughter of the children in the hall Carton Of Newports 100, echoing again and again in the bright morning sun, I saw my own self and remembered my mother Cigarette Wholesale Online.