Recently, I read the

  • Recently, I read the history and found that this is an era of corruption and incorruptibility. There is corruption, such as the flow of Yang Su, and there are also clean and honest, such as Liang Pi��s generation, and the history of the unknown. If this is not the history of the study, I will I don't know that there is such a wind in China's history that it is not lost, Bao Cheng, Yu Chenglong's honesty, and can be seen in the Liang, and a "Liang Pi Qingjin" allusion is reflected. Xining County (now Yunnan area) is a wild land, lack of weathering, people do not respect the virtues, and admire the golden wealth. Those who are more than gold are expensive. If there is no gold, everyone is jealous. In order to fight for gold, there are often weapons, and the death and injury are heavy. In order to rule Xining, Emperor Wen of the Emperor Yang Jianqian chose to choose Liang Bin as Xining Mu. After Liang��s appointment, he was not in power, and the local tyrants came to visit and rushed to send gold to Liang. In a few days, Dyeing received a very gold day. All the gold that Liang Pi collected would be collected Marlboro Cigarettes Website, piled up in the court, and then all the people who sent the gold were found, and they said to them emotionally: "This Hunger can't eat, cold can't be worn, people fight for it, and countless deaths and injuries. Now, you bring this thing to me, I want to kill me!" Said, Liang Pi tears Like the rain, I burst into tears. The feelings are very sincere, so that the people are moved, and those who see the sadness have only seen the gold rushers. Is it true feelings, or deliberately made? Is the gentleman really revealing the heart, but also the little man's eyeball? Surprised and curious, the kid made some in-depth analysis. After analysis, the thief thought: Liang Binzhi's crying is a sincere cry, a true cry, both crying gold, crying people, crying. Crying gold, crying in the terrible gold, this can not eat and can not wear things, why is it so sinister, can cause people to be disabled, local chaos crying, crying in the black and evil of human nature, as a self-satisfied Newports 100, and the world For those who have done their own duties Newport Cigarettes Wholesale, once they see the ugliness of human nature, they can't help but cry. It is normal. However, the first two crying are preludes and paving the way, which really causes Liang to scream and cry, and still crying. This is why the team has always been self-sufficient and considers itself to be a person who can restrain inner evil thoughts. When I saw the gold, the beam was shaken, and the thoughts were fiercely struggled (or it would not be rejected directly when it was sent), and the reason that was once not accepted was lost to the desire to receive Marlboro Cigarettes Sale. After thinking about it, Liang Pi��s heart must have hate and fear: it��s terrible! It��s almost impossible to guarantee the late festival and the reputation. After the robbery, the feeling of the rest of the life, how can Liang Pi not be able to swear, how can not fear, how can not cry my generation is not as good as Liang Pi, self-discipline is not as good as Liang Pi, and nowadays the gold of gold is more than Liang Pizhi, when reading Liang Bin cried the gold of the text, carefully thinking about the cause of the tears of the gold, often remembered the fear of the gold Cheap Newports.