It was another winter

  • It was another winter morning. There was a white piece in the neighborhood. I had a day of snow last night. I had to take the umbrella to the street this morning.girl named Faline held a transparent umbrella. When she walked to the door of the community, she saw a hundred-dollar bill. Maybe she was dropped. Last night, another heavy snow, those white snow Marlboro Lights 100S. Covering the whole piece of land, and that one hundred yuan, just falling next to the Farin bike, maybe a little surprised, but she calmly picked it up, maybe the charm of this hundred dollars is really attractive After a while, when she returned to the door of the community, she saw an old woman standing outside the door, covering herself with thin clothes. The clothes were covered with ice and snow, and the white hair of the old woman was blown in. The cold wind blew up, although it was a bit wolf, but it still evoked Faline��s sympathy. She walked over and said to her old woman, "Grandma, what happened to you?" The old woman looked at Lin with surprise. Perhaps, for a long time, no one had spoken to the old woman, she was going to be blown away by the cold wind in the snow. Shaking a few shakes, the voice trembled and said: "I... I..." Faline remembered that the old woman was so cold, so hungry, she took a piece of bread and a bottle of hot water from the bag and handed it to the old woman, the wife looked Falin, filled with eyelids, was really grateful. At this time, the old woman lifted the thin hands and gently picked it up Discount Cigarettes Free Shipping. In less than a moment, a loaf of breadthis time, the old woman said: "I, an old woman who had decided to suffer for all beings, just found a good job in this community. Because she missed the owner's important one hundred dollars, she was expelled from her home. He said, I must find a hundred dollars to come back and continue to do it. However, you asked me to go to an old woman to find this hundred dollars! This morning, I went to his house and told him that I could not find it. Hard to call me to earn, I am so difficult to find a job, even the house is gone, where do you ask me to earn?" Faline like a hammer hit a head on the head Newport Cigarette, maybe, this morning That one hundred dollars is the life-saving money of the old woman! However, Farin thought that if she sent the hundred dollars to the dance city, she could learn his favorite ballet! But now, see the old woman. This kind of pity, my heart is a little shaken. I must return this hundred dollars to the old woman." "But if I spend this hundred dollars, I will not have the money to learn ballet. Moreover Carton Of Newport Cigarettes, my father and mother told me to earn that one hundred." The money is still not good Marlboro Light Cigarettes..." Still, still not, I was struggling in Faline��s heart, but then she saw a dance school��s leaflet, she was shaken, ��Okay, I Decided, I will use that one hundred dollars to learn dance!!" When she was having dinner, she proudly took out the one hundred dollars and said to her father and mother: "Mother and Dad, I earned one hundred. It��s a buck!!�� Her father and mother looked at the one hundred dollars in amazement and then asked, ��Falin, can you tell the truth? You went out for a while and earned a hundred bucks. Isn��t it stolen?�� Faline blushed, although she was not stealing, but she was not retired, and her hundred dollars was certainly not clean and hard-earned by her own money! Then, Lin lie and said, "I...the amount...I am going to sell balloons!" Of course, a ten-year-old girl Of course, I don��t know how to make money. She always thinks that one hundred yuan is really easy to earn. Selling balloons, one for ten yuan, as long as you can sell ten, you can, of course, an ordinary balloon can��t be so expensive. So, Mom and Dad are a bit skeptical.