The earth yellow flowers are pile

  • The earth yellow flowers are piled up, derogatory, who is picking up now? Keeping the window, how can you get black alone? The indus is more drizzle, to the dusk, bit by bit. This time, how can you say a word?" You leaned against the dark black wooden window alone Cheap Priced Marlboro Gold Sold In Us, watching the geese fly away, screaming in tears and tears, singing this "sound slow", sighing that things are human beings Change, you have a cup to go, you want to borrow wine to eliminate this cloud-likeps and downs of fate will dispel your innocent innocence, and use your ruthless brush to paint you as the embodiment of the sorrow Cheap Newport Cigarette Online. The bleakness of the autumn wind smothers your mood Order Newport 100. The wild geese pass by, and you are saddened by tears. You remember this old acquaintance.are alone in the place that has been forgotten by the world. It is cold and clear, remembering the lost years, searching for the innocent emotions of the past, not thinking, dreaming, and returning to reality. You can only feel the miserable scars brought by the autumn wind. wind stopped, and Ye Er also fell, avoiding the traces of Jinhua��s face that you have long neglected. Where do you want to ask people? It��s like being in the distance, but far away, the parting emotion can��t be eliminated. Under the brow, I immediately climbed up to the heart, you look at the yellow leaves that slowly fall down, only, slightly sigh Newport Cigarettes On Apple Store... are stubbornly rebellious in the chaos of the world with the insults of "the rhetoric is not a woman's business." You are attached to the timid and weak Zhao king and the entire Song Dynasty, which wanders in the rain and wind, and dare to ask? In the era of chaos, which woman is like you, forgetting the self, completely connecting myself with the country? Follow them all the way to the south? Hate, hate, those timid rulers have thrown away thousands The tens of thousands of people, riding the "broken ship" poor rush to escape. When you are screaming in the sea, crying, but they are not willing to look back at the mountains and rivers broken in the fireworks. You hate, hate yourself, why are you not a man, you can charge, and play a tragic carol in the sand with a smashing iron? You can only helplessly sit behind the military camp, holding the broken volume of "Jin Shi Lu" Watching the yellow flowers blossoming in the fierce autumn wind.s is a small epitome of you. You are a sea otter floating in the chaos of the world. I have been here for thousands of years. The delicate tip of the pen touched the call of the soul of autumn, and how many literati were imprinted. In the heart of the ink?he face of the fall season, I first thought of you, Li Qingzhao. This strange woman, who will never be forgotten by us, has taken the shackles of the world, crossed time, space and self, and wrote a legend of her own life with her short and eternal life. You are the dead butterfly that slowly dances in the long history of literature with the silence of the sound of depression Cheap Wholesale Newport 100. It is so beautiful and so embarrassing.