In this world, there is

  • In this world, there is a village that most people don't know. The name of the village is called Yutu Village, and the rabbit inside is not a normal rabbit! Each of them will have a mysterious ability. The ability is the Bunny Way. The requirement to launch the Bunny Way is to have enough rabbit power. They all have their own aprons, which are engraved with different words, righteousness, martial arts, benevolence and so on. They have a pure blood, called Tianwu blood. With this lineage, you can transform Tianwu. There are good and evil, and the bad rabbits use the dark way to attack the Yutu Village. This story starts from a rabbits name is Bai Zhi. Although he has a natural blood, he is lazy. He has two subordinates. One is a green branch that is both kind and loves to eat chicken legs, and there is a selfless and careless gray branch. They are ordered to look for cockroaches. Niangniang, the niece is a god with supreme truth. She can manipulate the Moon Moon Pearl to protect the Yutu Village from being discovered by humans and bad rabbits Marlboro Cigarettes Wholesale. She does not know when she was taken away. White branches, green branches, and gray branches set off in the cheers of the villagers.walked along the forest trail and suddenly they found a piece of tool Cigarettes Online Free Shipping Usa. "Shards of tools?" Baizhi said with disbelief, "There is no tool in Yutu Village, where is the debris?" Green Branch said disdainfully: "That is obviously a piece of human tool, this can't be seen!", "If It is a fragment of human tools, and it is only possible that humans have come." Bai Zhi said with surprise: "Wow! There are humans coming! Let's escape!" The green shoot patted the shoulder of the white branch and said, "Don't think about it, the task of finding a slut is important! Let's go!" as they just wanted to leave, an energy bomb suddenly flew over, and with a knife and a knife, the energy bomb was split in half. "Who is here?" Bai Zhi asked vigilantly Newport Box 100'S. "..." After a moment of silence, a rabbit with a tape attached to it appeared. He was a tomb. "Oh, it seems that a fierce battle is about to begin," Ash said. "The rabbit road law has changed! The prison of the wind!" Bai Zhihe said. The words just fell, a whirlwind surrounded, trapped the tomb. "Come on! The may be nearby, the prison of the wind can temporarily trap him, act now!" After the completion of the white branch, he pulled the gray ash and green branches to escape. They ran to the side of the mound and found two humans guarding a hole. They still had a gun in their hands. It looked like the maiden was inside the hole. The white branch pulled the other two rabbits and said some whispers. Then the white branches swayed out and went out to the two of them, they only found the white branches, but it was too late, the white branches have been saving their power, only to hear: "Boom", the power of the white branches broke out, Just listening to thtwo sounds, the two flew to the blue sky. The niece inside heard the movement and hurried out and said, "The warriors in Yutu Village, thank you for saving me, let's go back." But things are not as simple as they thought, The prison of the wind, flew over, the white branch screamed: "The rabbit does not show up, you are my HelloKitty!" After that, he rushed up and slammed the tomb with the leg, and the tomb was hit. But he didn't seem to be hit Cigarettes 100'S. There is no trace at all, and the green branches are burning. "The rabbit road method has changed! The herbivorous nebula wears the cloud!", a golden light flashed, the body of the tomb branch was broken, so that everyone did not expect that the tomb It has been regenerated. The knife of the gray branch has become longer. "The first form of the round moon knife method: the Pluto butterfly!" Suddenly a few butterflies flew out with the shining knife, and the tomb was still unscathed. Hey, seal Dafa!" I saw a golden ball descending, sealed the tomb, white branches, green branches, gray branches and three people said at the same time: "It is still awesome!"ao Zhi has been waiting for them Cigarette Wholesale Prices. Bai Zhi asked: "Hey? How do you know that we are coming back?" Mao Zhi said: "Two people flew over and kept saying: "White monster rabbit, white monster rabbit", That's not what you are!" "Halo" fell to the ground and said. He added: "Bunny help mission is complete!"