As we all know, cats and

  • As we all know, cats and mice are natural enemies. The two animals don��t wear the sky, but now the mouse is actually on the top of the cat��s head Cheapest Carton Of Newport Cigarettes. Why? Let's take a look!day, the lazy cat squatted on the floor, yawning lazily, looking at the dark corner opposite, remembering the touching scene last night, it could not help but look sour. On the mouse, it shook his head helplessly.r 9 o'clock yesterday, the owner was lying on the sofa and dozing Cheapest Cigarette Cartons, while the cat was kneeling beside the owner, and the cat heard the sound from the! Cats think that when they meet a mouse, then the lazy cat will become alert. The cat bows up and slowly walks toward the corner Marlboro Red 100S Carton Cheap. When the cat walks to the corner, a scent comes from the corner, lavender! The taste of my mother... I thought of my mother, the eyes of the kitten were wet, and it reminded me of the days before. It was the day when it was not bought by the owner. At that time, except for the mother��s only milk, what they ate was all there, and they were hungry and screaming. At that time it had two older brothers and two older sisters. They lived in a broken bridge hole. In order to support them, my mother ran to the market to steal a purple cake for them to eat, but she did not eat anything, and was starved to death.night the kitten was picked up by a little boy. The next day, the little boy took them to the flower and bird market and sold them. The other brothers and sisters were sold to the butcher. It was lucky. When the host was met, the owner was very kind, took a shower and fed it a lot of delicious food. Since coming to the host, it has not been hungry and hungry. Since then, the cat has decided to play for the master for a lifetime.w it is necessary to catch the mouse. It walks in the corner of the wall. I saw the mouse and looked at it with a piece of lavender cake. It rushed over to catch the mouse. The mouse turned and ran. The cat pushed the mouse to a After the corner, the mouse said, "Don't eat me, can I let me go home and feed my child?" 'The trembling claws are holding the lavender cake tightly. The cat smashed and remembered the mother, it thought It��s too late to let go of this mouse Cigarettes Wholesale Price, the head is blank, and the mouse is going to die. The cat turned a few laps in the room, and finally under the cupboard, found a nest of small mice, which gave the lavender cake to it. The little mice ate. Since then he has been playing with the little mice, and it has to make up for the mistakes he made. Because it knows that the mother was not starved to death, but was killed by a wolf Cheap Newport 100... the little mice are sleeping on the cat's head! No one knows that there is such a story.